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Sit down, grab a lemonsquash and come along to The Skid Factory where we talk about our previous builds and give a few hints as to whats coming in the future! Today on the Skid Factory Al explains the method he uses to wire in a thermo fan on vehicles that don't have a factory switching method or an aftermarket ECU.

Jump onboard and watch as Al explains the ins and outs of the build. Today on The Skid Factory we have a look at the insides of a Torque Converter and go into the basics of how one works. Today on The Skid Factory, We're in Phoenix Arizona visiting our mate Pete from Hughes Performance who gave us a factory tour and a rundown of how they make a performance built torque converter from a recycled core. This week the guys fabricate custom engine and gearbox mounts for the Turbo Toyota V8 that's going into the Ford Fairlane.

The guys make up some exhaust manifolds for the Toyota 1UZ V8 so they can install the turbocharger in front of the engine. Today it's all about mad new hoists, radiators, turbo placement and fabricating some new gearbox mounts to get this Turbo Ford Fairlane moving.

The Skid Factory

This episode the engine and box are coming out of the Turbo Fairlane engine bay so it can get some much needed body repairs and a coat of paint. The engine is back from the machine shop so it's time for Al and Woody to get it back together and into the car.

In this episode Woody and Al begin fabricating the intercooler and exhaust pipes on the Turbo Ford Fairlane.

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This episode the guys call in a mate to help get the wiring underway and the ECU installed. Then it's turbo plumbing and intercoolers! The Fairlane's fuel system is clogged up with epic amounts of sludge, so the guys make a new fuel system including fitting a surge tank. Al and Woody get to work on the rear end, installing a newer model limited slip diff and fabricating mounts to make it fit the Fairlane.

The boys get busy making the original 's column shift work with the manually shifted Toyota Gearbox in the turbo Fairlane. Seeing a car you've worked on for months explode on the dyno is never a good thing, Al and Woody get to work to fix the Fairlane, get it tuned and then get to work doing some ever important SKIDS!

The Fairlane now has a working Turbocharged v8 engine so the boys answer some of the most commonly asked questions they've received during the build of the car, as well as drop some hints on what the next few videos will be!

In this episode of the skid factory Al and Woody install their Nissan TD42 Diesel engine into the Patrol and get it ready for their custom turbo setup. Woody and Al install the turbo and manifold onto their TD42 engine swapped Nissan Patrol and get started on the intercooler. In this episode the boys bleed the injectors, finish the intercooler piping and get their diesel Patrol started. Al finishes up some wiring, makes a snorkel and then the boys take their freshly finished Patrol out for a test run, but is it powerful enough to tow up the highway?

What worked, what went wrong and some tasty 'lemon squash'. We've kicked off another project! This time it's our friend Matt's Nissan R32 Skyline. This episode they're mounting intercoolers, making manifolds and positioning turbos.

With the engine and turbos mounted and in place, it's time to pull it all apart, paint the bay, add a clutch and maybe get a new engine crane! Woody, Al and Matt get stuck into the details of the R32 making heat shields, brackets, mounting freshly wrapped manifolds and turbos.

The boys are getting the V8 R32 exhaust system finished and then getting stuck into the fuel system with a bunch of custom made parts. Wiring, turbo drains, fuel system, battery - a whole lot of finishing touches and we finally crank the V8 Twin Turbo Skyline to see if it will fire into life. After months of work, we get our freshly build LS1 powered, twin turbo R32 Skyline onto the Dyno to find out how many horsepowers it will make.

The Skyline is Finished! Woody and Al answer the top most asked questions from throughout the build series over some icy cold lemonades. In this all new Skid Factory build Woody and Al start on a new project involving one of Australia's own turbo 6 cylinder 4 litre engines.Login or Sign Up.

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Today is my day! SuperBuickGuy likes this. Comment Post Cancel. I'm going to start using those - I cringed when he said he was going to use butt connectors, but the type he uses is far better then what is traditional around here Doing it all wrong since I agree, the twist of the conductors and then the crimp looks a very solid connection.

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And the main channel has a wrap up of the RB26 Z build. Some very valid points from Moog. This is going to be good, not sure how much they're actually going to do as all concerned have been very tight lipped about it. The guy who owns the van previously built a turbo 1UZ Toyota Hilux, the new owner of that is in the process of turning it into a prerunner style truck.

It is a good one. It's funny, I'd never heard of Whitworth thread until I bought the italian lathe on Sunday That was the 2nd time in my 51 years that I'd heard the term I'm not too sure about this one, all that work to put that motor into a Bedford van and what do have at the end, a way overpowered Bedford van only good for a drag strip. No worse than most vans. Most COE style vans have the engine in a similar position from the factory, the guy who owns Cleveland exhaust, the Hoff, a couple of episodes ago has a small Mazda cabover pickup with a turbo 1UZ which is mounted behind the front crossmember.

One of the guys that works for him has a Mitsubishi van with a 2JZ, with big single turbo, in a similar position. The problem with the Bedford is, it's a 5lb sack and they're trying to squeeze 15lbs of lump into it. At least this one is going to be done properly, even given the numerous compromises Al has to do. Certainly better than some of the V8 conversions I've seen on them, scary is an understatement. Originally posted by irsa76 View Post. All rights reserved. Yes No.

OK Cancel.Well, we have the competition for you!!! Feel free to talk us through it- the more details the better! Jump over to Youtube and checkout our latest video! Our good mate John came around and helped assemble a fresh engine with a bunch of new parts from Goleby's.

The Fairlane was our first ever build to air on Youtube, the Shed is completely different, Woody has less greys and Alan is still bald. New build series up on Youtube! All of the Summernats action in one video! Have you booked your sofa yet? Have you got your snacks and your favourite lounge room attire ready?

Better get cracking to find the perfect spot in the house t Subscribe now so you don't miss a minute. Link in comments. Following on from our tech video on casting we now check out the car that the castings were made for, an old Liberty H6 with GTR turbos.

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Thanks to everyone who purchased a hoodie, they will be printed and dispatched as soon as humanly possible. Get one at www. Link in our bio, Jump on it! Probably feeding on the mice that came from Woodys new project car. Part 7 of the VK build is live!!

Part 6 of the VK build is up on Youtube!! Making Igntion leads is a task that you may need to do yourself when building your own car and applies to many vehicles with either distributors or aftermarket coils like the Haltech IGN1A coils we are using for Daves VK Calais. Checkout our latest Quick Tech video showing you how to make your own! Do you like Dirt Bikes? Do you like seeing Woody fall off Dirt Bikes?

Then checkout our latest video on YouTube!Login or Sign Up.

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Skid Factory. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 14 27 template Next. Posts Latest Activity. Page of Filtered by:. Doing it all wrong since Comment Post Cancel. A short one. Have you noticed that all the Discovery affiliated shows are doing Z cars? Now is the time you need a stack of them in the back yard!

The Datsuns that's what they were in Australia of that era were well engineered cars. Yoda is good in the way he talks to the camera.

Another show to watch rather than getting work done out in the shop. Can't wait until they do the best of the skidfactory builds.

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Al has done some pretty cool conversions over the years. I think our Aussi friend is slacking.

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He has been very busy of late and they put this up while he was earning a dollar! He thanks you for keeping the team going. Al got sick of people having a go at him for his choice of beer, hence the change from "lemon squash" to "coke", I think he's swapped to Melbourne Bitter. That would explain the last scene a reaction to beer change?

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al skid factory

S Specifications. S Features. S76 Specifications. S76 Features. A Specifications. A Features. L23 Specifications. L23 Features. L28 Specifications. L28 Features. MT55 Specifications. MT55 Features.

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MT85 Specifications. MT85 Features.Fast rides. Doing everything themselves. Two friends, Al and Woody, are the men behind the magic of Skid Factory.

Al stands next to his Nissan Patrol, which is about to receive a change of heart — going from a 4. The solution? Turbodiesel, of course! Namely, the 4. The video follows as Al and Woody get down and dirty inside the Patrol, ripping out intake, exhaust, wiring, plumbing, and other bits.

al skid factory

Following this, Al gets to work getting the bellhousing off of the transmission. He has to make new thread bosses for the larger starter, and then move onto the next task — testing out the flexplate and torque converter from yet another different Nissan engine, the turbocharged, inline-four ZD With the torque converter in place, Al figures out that he needs to get the flexplate and torque converter to be within 2 millimeters from each other for proper mesh.

He welds on spacers to the backplate, pushing the torque converter the necessary length forward. That concludes the first chapter of the diesel swap. In the meantime, check out their channel on YouTube. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

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THE SKID FACTORY - 1973 Mazda RX3 [Build Review]

Diesel Army. Engine Tech.Login or Sign Up. Skid Factory. Previous 1 6 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 26 27 template Next. Posts Latest Activity. Page of Filtered by:. The Cresta at Drag Week wrap up. Comment Post Cancel. Tubbed Pacecar. I really need to stop the C3 and start the Buick Doing it all wrong since Well now we know where the Cresta is, notice I didn't spoil it by posting it above I am impressed with Finnegan, great thing he has done helping out, I wonder if he will take it out.

Also will he do something with that Barra, I think he's too busy. Are people in the USA that really hospitable? Big news from Al and Woody. They have moved to their own channel. I been expecting something new from them to come up on Youtube for the last few days, that's why it I haven't seen it as I was looking for it on MCMTV2. Marty's mood is remarkably unlike mine when I make a decision to save money that comes back to bite me Skid Factory has, apparently, jumped the shark tank.

You can their latest builds on their Patreon page. Good luck to them, I figure that if they wish their stuff to be here, they should contact the Forum administrators and set up an ad account. While we poor people wait for the Skid Factory to come out a day later we can watch this.

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al skid factory

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